Participation Prize: Every KCS student will receive a 2018 Fun Run t-shirt. All families that earn any dollars for the Fun Run will receive a Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meal gift card to be used at a later date.

Classroom Prizes: The Pre-K/Elementary & Middle School classes that raise the most money will receive a pizza party!

Teacher Prize: Teacher whose class has the most participation earns a “personal day” to be used in the 2017-2018 school year.

Weekly Incentives: Each week we are issuing a challenge to the students to achieve different levels of fundraising beginning with $20 and up. They will receive these awards the week following the challenge. Click here to view the weekly incentive challenges and rewards.

Prize Drawings: In addition to these prizes, there will be a drawing for families who achieve different levels of fundraising. Each family will receive an entry into this drawing for whatever level of fundraising they reach.

  • Level 1 Drawing: (1) $50 Gift Card of Choice (you pick) ***Awarded to one family that raises $100-199 includes buyouts***
  • Level 2 Drawing: Hot Skates standard birthday party package that includes admission, skate rental pizza, unlimited soft drinks, and more for ten people. ***Awarded to one family who raises $200-$274 includes buyouts***
  • Level 3 Drawing: (1) Skyzone Jump Around Package that includes ten jumpers & sky socks for 60 minutes followed by 40 minutes in a party room with Chicago’s pizza and unlimited soft drinks***Awarded to one family that raises $275 or more***
  • KCS School Day Jump At Skyzone: ***Awarded to every KCS Student whose family that raises $350 or more. Wednesday, May 9th students will be bused to Skyzone after lunch from 1:30-3:30 Jump and free homework passes to these students as well! Students will return to school or supervision for pick-up by 4 pm.
Prize Incentive Drawings based on funds raised by Monday, April 23rd. If you have questions about these levels or about any of these prizes, please contact Missy Davis at 317.997.8799 or via email at missydavis7@gmail.com.