1. Can I bring my family to this event? 
2. When is the event?
Join your child(ren) on April 27th from noon – 3 pm for a fun-filled afternoon.
3. Tell me about the Fun Run t-shirts.
KCS students will receive a Fun Run t-shirt to wear during the Fun Run. Sizes will be taken by the homeroom teacher. (Pre-registered volunteers will also receive a complimentary Fun Run t-shirt).
4. How can I volunteer?
Are you interested in volunteering for the Fun Run? Contact Missy Davis, Volunteer Coordinator, missydavis7@gmail.com.
5. How long is the race track?
The Fun Run track is smaller than a traditional track. Each lap is approximately 1/16 of a mile.
  • Pre-Cubs will participate in a relay-style “partner run” (approximately 100 meters per child).
  • Pre-K students will run or walk between 10 and 15 laps (approximately 1 mile).
  • K-8 students will run or walk between 30 and 35 laps (approximately 2 miles).
6. What is the dress code for Fun Run participants?
Fun Run Dress Code - Elementary
  • Fun Run t-shirt, dress code shorts/pants and tennis shoes.

Fun Run Dress Code – Middle School
  • Fun Run t-shirt, MS gym shorts and/or dress code shorts/pants and tennis shoes.
  • The middle school will be participating in a one-lap color run. Please be sure that clothes are appropriate (students will get wet and have color powders thrown on them).
REMINDER: A change of clothes or a towel for the end of the day is suggested.
7. My child has food allergies. Should they participate in the color run?
Since the Fun Run color lap uses food-based color powders, kids with food allergies should not participate during the final lap.
8. Will my child have an afternoon snack at this event?
Chick-fil-A sandwiches, nuggets and cookies will be available for purchase as an optional afternoon snack during our Fun Run. Click here to place your child's order. 
9. What other activities will be available during the event?
There will be additional activities for students and parents during this event.
  • Dunk your favorite teacher – $1 for 3 balls!
  • There will be inflatables for the students to play on.
10. When will prizes be drawn?
Prizes will be drawn the day of the event and handed out.
11. Am I required to fundraise?
Don’t want to fundraise? Each family has the option to buyout at $250 per family. You can chose the buyout option at kcsfunrun.com or drop off a check to the KCS office.